Launching Teams — All Your User Interviews in the Same Place

We started Ribbon to help product teams build better products by making it easier to do continuous user research. Today, we’re announcing the launch of teams, making it easier for larger research teams to run and review all their user interviews in one place. When signing up to Ribbon, you’re now made your new team’s admin by default, allowing you to set up and run interviews.

Socialize Insights Through Observers

Insights are most impactful when shared. We often hear that our users want to make it easy for non-researchers in their companies to take part of the insights generated from interviews. To make it easier to socialize research insights within your company you can now invite team members as either researchers and observers. Researchers can part-take in research and set up and run interviews. Observers can rewatch previous recordings, but don’t have access to starting new interviews or modifying any of your team settings. This makes it easy to share your research with anyone in your company who wants to access interviews recordings or participate in user interviews.

A New Pricing Model to Support Your Entire Team

With the launch of teams, we’re also updating our pricing to make it easier and cheaper to onboard as many researchers and observers as you want to your Ribbon team. We’ve moved from a seat-based pricing model to a simple flat monthly fee for your entire team, starting at $79 per month. We’re really excited by this change, as it removes the need for you as the admin to make compromises on who you invite to your team and who can take part of your research findings. Now your entire company can access insights on Ribbon without any extra charge.

Happy researching!

Founder @ Ribbon (